Oikos Group`s sustainability report

"Today, I am very pleased to announce that we’re publishing Oikos Group’s first sustainability report." 

Marco Hammer

At Oikos, sustainability has always been part of our DNA. We have a strong track record of delivering a market-leading sustainable product. Sustainability is central to our long-term success as a business. That’s why early in 2022, we decided to go one step further, developing a sector-leading ESG strategy with clearly defined implementation steps, based on ambitious KPIs and targets.

Decarbonizing the construction industry is key if global climate ambitions are to be met. 36% of all global energy consumption and half of all resource consumption stems from the building sector. In Germany alone, the building sector will need to reduce its GHG emissions by 46% by 2030 if the country wants to reach its net zero emissions by 2045.
As one of Europe’s leading prefabricated housing groups, we are committed to using our scale, innovative approach and level of ambition to set the bar on sustainability, drive the sector forward and build the future of housing.

Marco Hammer

Download the sustainability report