One of Europe’s largest prefabricated home builders.

OIKOS is the community of quality and values for modern prefabricated house construction in Germany and beyond.

We believe a prefab home to be the future of housing. We have become a high-performance community for those who want to participate in the future of construction and building, such as investors, project developers, suppliers and the families planning to build their own house with our brand.
Numerous awards and enthusiastic client families have confirmed that we are on the right track. We are repeatedly named “Germany's customer champion”. In “Focus Money”, we were ranked highest in customer satisfaction in premium prefabricated homes in 2022.

Our vision


One vision, three brands

We unite the brands Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus under one roof.

Each brand has its own skill set to bring to the table while retaining its own character. As a group, we stand for ecological, economic and social performance. That is why we focus on sustainable innovation and responsibility.

Reason Why

OIKOS thinks one step further and is future driven.

We have a responsibility to future generations. We foster sustainable building to protect the environment and use innovation to successfully advance our homes and processes. Combined with the highest level of quality, our prefabricated homes offer everything that our client families could ask for. Here are the reasons why.

Good reasons