Responsible business practices

With an emphasis on sustainable action, OIKOS is able to advance traditional prefabricated construction.

We take responsibility for what we do. That is why, for us, ecological and economical aspects go hand in hand. We consider all the facets of sustainability by taking an economical, social and ecologically responsible approach and having a moral responsibility to future generations.

Corporate social responsibility at OIKOS

Our employees, their families and our region matter a great deal to us.

We are very aware of the responsibility we have toward them. We currently employ over 1,900 people. In addition, there are the service providers and partners who regularly work for us. Most of them have stayed tied to our companies for years and decades. To keep it that way, we have a corporate culture to match.

OIKOS supports the German Sustainability Award 2023

Award for pioneering steps towards a sustainable future

Oikos Group is partner of this year's German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis), Europe's leading award for ecological and social commitment. The award is based on the goals of the 2030 Agenda and thus on the key areas of transformation such as climate, biodiversity, resources, supply chain and society. It recognises pioneering steps towards a sustainable future.

We, with our companies Bien-Zenker GmbH, Hanse Haus GmbH and Living Haus, create future-oriented, sustainable living spaces for our customers. Therefore, we are very proud to be part of this competition and thus support sustainable commitment.

Sustainable living – Bien-Zenker and OEKOGENO join forces

Two companies brought together by the same thought: energy-efficient and sustainable construction.

In the course of a joint project between Bien-Zenker and OEKOGENO , a new residential quarter is in the midst of being developed in Waldshut-Tiengen for up to 200 people of different generations and in varying stages of life. Bien-Zenker has taken on the construction of 12 single-family homes. This project combines social and environmental aspects in a unique way.

Sustainable building

OIKOS uses building materials that are renewable and recyclable.

Besides choosing the right building materials, we also develop instruments for assessing the sustainability of building products, building systems, industrial processes and structures.

But that is just the beginning: the buildings of the future are constantly interacting with their environment. Sustainable neighbourhoods are interconnected systems that can no longer be viewed as consisting of only individual buildings; rather, their context as a whole could be considered from a completely new perspective through their interactions. Re:thinking homes.