Reason Why

Building for the future with one of our multiple award-winning brands.

Anything our client families’ hearts desire they can find with us: quality and design, flexibility and space utilisation, good value for money, and reliability and service. These reasons, in combination with short delivery times and sustainable construction, make it abundantly clear why our modern prefabricated homes are superior to conventional construction.

Our satisfied home builders can attest to that, as can the multiple awards bestowed upon our brands. Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus.

5 reasons why

Here are five reasons that speak for prefabricated homes from OIKOS

High-quality building fabric

By successfully combining the advantages of conventional construction with those of industrial prefabricated construction, our buildings are able to achieve extremely good value ratings in terms of indoor environment quality and soundproofing. The client families can truly benefit from this, because these houses are built to stand for generations to come. The long-lasting building fabric is a result of high-quality materials and clever construction, which in turn retains the value of the house.

Customised architecture and fixtures

Our prefabricated homes offer a wide range of design options: whether it's a semi-detached house with a flat roof, a handicapped-accessible bungalow or a modern attached house, client families will find what they are looking for when they come to us. Our wide range of design concepts, especially for single-family homes, lets us realise modern living ideas that are tailored to individual wishes and needs.

Because our companies work closely with specialised architects, home builders can even pour in their individual taste and style to turn their prefab into a unique house of their own.

Worry-free building

If home builders choose to go with a prefab, they are choosing a worry-free construction method. We are a one-stop shop where clients can expect no unpleasant surprises.

We are there every step of the way with extensive know-how and decades of experience. The price and move-in date are laid down when the contract is signed – and adhered to. We assume responsibility for: planning, financing, official approvals, trade coordination during the construction process, and providing guarantees and services. The home builders are assigned their own representative to get in touch with – during and after construction – and who will keep an eye on the whole complex process. If necessary, he or she can call on installers, who are familiar with every house of our brands. As opposed to a self-build, for which builders have to control everything themselves and accept complex works, our client families can completely rely on our know-how.

Building a prefabricated home is a cost-effective and sustainable construction method.


Eco-friendly construction

Thanks to OIKOS prefabricated homes, effective and sustainable construction is easier than ever. The environment is very important to us. Environmental awareness is on the rise for home builders, too. Through a clever combination of different building materials in the exterior walls, the use of state-of-the-art building technology and constant innovation, our houses have reached unparalleled levels of energy efficiency. As energy-plus buildings, prefabricated homes generate even more energy than they consume.

The advantages of our prefabricated homes are evident: the house is delivered in one go, because many elements are already prefabricated in the factory. That eliminates the need for environmentally harmful journeys to the construction site. The building material of our choice for our prefabricated homes is wood. Thanks to its outstanding material properties, it is more modern than ever before. Its heat-insulating properties keep future heating costs low. That protects the environment and your wallet. Wood stores more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than are released by the transport and machines used to build the prefab.


Your home matters to us

Building a house is one thing. Creating an actual home is another. It is our goal for the residents of the houses we build to feel safe and at home. This is achieved with high-quality construction, the best customer service and a sense of safety. When it comes to selecting the suitable house type including the desired fittings & fixtures or inquiring about what clients can contribute themselves: our brands Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus provide assistance – before and after the handover of the finished house.