With more than 115 years of experience in house construction, Bien-Zenker is one of the most popular and successful providers on the market.

Ever since prefabricated house production began in 1962, the company has made the dream of building one’s own home a reality for more than 80,000 customers.

A partner in home building

Your very own dream house to call home.

The “dream house” project is a complex one, posing major challenges for many client families. Bien-Zenker are experts in supporting the needs of its client families when building the house itself in addition to offering holistic consulting services, which include matters such as the building plot, financing and fixtures & fittings.

Bien-Zenker is the perfect partner for client families because it offers the highest degree of future safety, starting with high-quality and healthy building materials, intelligent floor plans that take changing life situations into account, and building and heating technology, which is already capable of mastering tomorrow’s challenges today and can be updated later.


Sustainability as a continuous process

Bien-Zenker lives and breathes sustainability by taking a holistic approach to economic, ecological and social aspects. The world is supposed to become a little bit better with every house. To protect the environment and out of an awareness of their responsibility toward future generations, the company has launched the initiative “Save the Bees. Save the Future” to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Innovation as part of our DNA / embodied culture of innovation

For Bien-Zenker, innovation starts with the planning process together with the client families in order to best support them in the decision-making process. In addition, they continuously explore architectural styles as well as current housing and social trends so as to best fulfil their client families’ wishes. The Green Wall and Circle Wall are two examples of how the company is driving innovation, giving client families even more room for individuality.

At Bien-Zenker, the idea of innovation does not end with production, as it does at many other companies. The company considers the entire life cycle of its prefabricated homes up to the point when no one lives in them any longer.

A passion for building homes

For the approximately 900 employees working at Bien-Zenker, building houses is not just a profession, it is a passion. To make the client families’ dreams come true fuels their passion and gives every project that special something – for both the Bien-Zenker team and the client families. A survey among Bien-Zenker home builders from 2018 confirms this: 97% of all Bien-Zenker home builders would recommend Bien-Zenker to others.

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