Hanse Haus

Individuality, quality and experience since 1929.

Hanse Haus has built more than 36,000 dream homes in the last decades. The recipe for success: the company combines the advantages of prefabricated construction with local craftsmanship.

Come home. Experience. Feel good.

50,000 m² of living space per year, 50,000 m² of individuality

Hanse Haus does not offer its client families prefab models off-the-shelf. Hanse Haus is a proven partner you can count on when it comes to building your own individual home, having managed to make quality affordable. Due to the experience and successful combination of prefabricated construction with domestic craftsmanship, the homes can be developed with great efficiency. From planning to implementation to after-sales service: specialty trade workers are employed for each separate task, working closely together to realise holistic individual solutions.

Quality that is affordable

With its around 1000 employees, Hanse Haus ensures that quality is affordable. Guaranteed maximum price contracts and inclusive services ensure that no unpleasant surprises await home builders. The support continues even after the house is handed over: within 24 hours, customers receive a response from customer service to their inquiries.

Assuming responsibility

At Hanse Haus, sustainability and responsibility are of great importance. The wide range of measures taken demonstrate their significance within the company: sustainable resource management, social commitment to employees and people in the region, and a responsible approach to the environment are paramount to Hanse Haus.

Hanse Haus' commitment is substantiated by numerous certificates, awards, seals of approval and excellent customer testimonials. As such, Hanse Haus was once again named“most fair prefab provider” –to provide just one example. The criteria included product performance, customer consulting and customer service, value for money, and sustainability.

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