Our brands have received many awards

Future-oriented construction with one of the largest prefabricated house manufacturers in Europe.


Reason Why

OIKOS has united the superior brands of prefabricated house construction under one roof. Because we are convinced that prefabricated houses are the future-oriented construction method for the most diverse living concepts. As a technology-oriented company and one of the largest prefabricated house manufacturers in Europe, we unify ecological and economic solutions.

The modern prefabricated houses of the OIKOS brands are superior to conventional houses in many respects: short delivery times, quality and sustainability, flexibility and use of space, cost-benefit ratio, design, reliability and service. This is evidenced by enthusiastic clients and multiple awards for our brands Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus.

#1 High quality of the building fabric

By combining the advantages of conventional construction with those of industrial prefabricated construction, our buildings achieve extremely good values, for example in terms of indoor climate and noise protection. Thanks to high-quality materials and clever constructions, they offer a long-lasting building fabric and high value retention. Houses from the OIKOS companies are therefore built not only for the home builders, but also for future generations.

#2 Custom architecture and fittings

With the brands Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus we offer a wide range of house concepts, especially for detached houses, which are characterised by a variety of design options. Whether a semi-detached house with a flat roof, a barrier-free bungalow or a modern extension house: we can realise living concepts that are tailored to individual wishes and needs. Because our companies work closely with specialised architects, investors can even have their prefabricated house project built as a unique specimen. A prefabricated house as a unique specimen – it couldn't be more individual.

#3 Carefree building

Anyone who wants to build effectively and sustainably chooses a prefabricated house. Clients of prefabricated houses do not experience any unpleasant surprises. The price and move-in date are already fixed and adhered to when the contract is signed. We offer everything from a single source: our companies take care of planning, financing and official approvals, coordinate the trades in the construction process, and provide guarantees and services. The home builders always have a fixed contact person who has an overview of the complex processes and who can also be contacted by his customers after the handover. Where necessary, he can fall back on his own fitters, who are familiar with each house of our brands and can help immediately. In contrast to self-construction, in which home builders have to control everything themselves and accept complex works, buyers of prefabricated houses can relax and rely on the competence of dedicated experts.

#4 Environmentally friendly building

The companies of the OIKOS Group stand for environmental awareness and sustainability. The prefabrication of many elements eliminates the need for environmentally damaging site journeys: the house is delivered all at once. Wood is also the most important building material for many prefabricated houses. Thanks to its outstanding material properties, it is more modern than ever. Its heat-insulating properties keep future heating costs low. In this way wood protects the environment and your wallet. Did you know that wood stores more climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) than is released by transport and the machines used to build the prefabricated house?  

It is a major concern of the OIKOS companies Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus to build as sustainably and environmentally consciously as possible. Through a clever combination of different building materials in the exterior walls, the use of state-of-the-art building technology and constant innovation, our houses achieve unparalleled energy efficiency. As plus-energy houses, prefabricated houses generate even more energy than they consume.


#5 Quickly and
reliably into your
own four walls

One of the advantages of a prefabricated house is the short delivery time: usually there are only a few months between the conclusion of the contract and handover. This is ensured by routine and proven construction plans, prefabrication in our own workshops, professional project management, routine processes and the fact that in prefabricated house construction everything is provided from a single source. All services are routinely interlinked here. Our clients can be sure that they will move into their own home quickly and on a guaranteed date.

#6 Your home - our concern

Building a house is one thing. Creating a home, as our brands Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus do, is another. We make the most of a wide range of possibilities so that the residents of our houses feel comfortable and safe. We achieve this through high-quality construction. We always offer the best possible service and the greatest possible security. Whether through the selection of the suitable house type and the desired fittings, enquiries with owner contributions or upcoming renovations of older houses: our subsidiaries provide advice and support and work together with strong partners – even after the handover of the finished house.